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After-sale service

After-sale service

Our commitment
1. All questions relating to the quality of the subject matter will be answered within one hour and reach to the site within 48 hours. Based on the complaints, the handling measures will be determined to repair and replace.
2. Our company promises that all maintenance personnel must comply with the user's relevant rules and regulations.
3. The costs incurred during the warranty period for product quality are borne by our company.
4. During the warranty period, due to improper use or due to the natural environment, we provide free maintenance. The materials and accessories used for maintenance are only charged at cost.
Installation and training and personnel training
1. All the goods are transported by our company to the customer's designated location, responsible for installation and commissioning.
2. The maintenance personnel will train the customer how to carry out product maintenance knowledge until they are satisfied.
3. After all the goods are installed and commissioned and accepted by the customer, the trainer can leave the site.
4. We provide one-month on-site operator training. The operators must be tested by our company before they can go on their duties
Return goods commitment
1. Users have quality problems under normal use, please contact with our company as soon as possible during the warranty period so that users can get timely repair and replacement.
2. The following are excluded from the company's return commitment.
A. The product was used abnormally
B. Unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse, and alteration
C. The normal wear of the product.
D. Exceeded the warranty period.
Responsible persons for after sale service
Chief responsible person: Zhenhua Zhang
Tel: 0731-86677666 15802596637
After sale process contact: De Yan
Tel: 0731-86677666, 18874787475
After sale service complaints Tel: 18674839600
After sale service address: Zhongqing Road,Kaifu District,Changsha,Hunan,China