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Company service

Company service

Company Services
Extrusion technology: at Fumach Extrusion Technology Center, our experts are always in constant research and development of new products, new technology and new equipment, continue to optimize the production process, and are ready to service you.
We are willing to accept your challenge. All the products you want to produce can be verified and tested in our engineering laboratory to ensure that your factory will not have any production risk;
Project: Fumach will set up a special project for your project team to fully communicate with you, responsible for coordination and planning, to provide technical support to ensure the smooth progress of your project.
Installation and commissioning: Fumach installation and commissioning personnel have professional qualifications and rich on-site engineering experience, which can ensure the smooth completion of equipment installation, on-site management and commissioning;
Customer training: Fumach can provide customer personal training on-site and internship training at Extrusion Technology Center at Fumach headquarter based on customer requirements and needs;
Customer service: Our engineering staffs can provide you with timely on-site service, remote services are also available at any time for you to solve all the problems that appear in the production to ensure that the equipment is operating normally.