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Demonstration Center

Demonstration Center

       Brief introduction of Food Extrusion Engineering Demonstration Center
        Hunan Fumach Food Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the application of extrusion technology in the food industry and the development of equipments. Extrusion technology is the most accepted processing method in the world for the most adaptable process of grain processing, with the least environmental pollution, the most product changes, the lowest energy consumption, and the most stable product quality.
        In order to better promote the use of extrusion technology in the food industry, Fumach has invested in more than 6 million yuan together with a number of scientific research institutes and established the "Food Extrusion Engineering Demonstration Center." It was put into use in January 2015. At present, the center has two complete extrusion technology experimental production lines, all of which are independently developed and manufactured by Fumach. It can complete almost all the tests of single screw extrusion and twin screw extrusion technology. Equipped with pre-drying, high-temperature baking, tablet pressing, spray syrup, instant frying and other molding equipments, it can provide users with: nutrition rice, various breakfast cereals, all kinds of fried, non-fried snack foods, high moisture tissue protein, drawing tissue protein, instant porridge, instant rice and other products research and development.
        The center aims to provide customers with multi-functional scientific research and demonstration platforms for food production equipments, processes, formulation research and development and applications and the bridge role of production, learning and research integration, minimizing customer investment risk. Promoting the application of extrusion technology in the processing of cereal foods. Creating value for customers!
        We warmly welcome all colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and friends who are engaged in food processing and are interested in entering food processing to conduct experiments and product development in our Food Extrusion Engineering Demonstration Center. The center will, as always, provide you with full open free services.
Experiment application procedure:
1. Download the "Experiment Application Form" at the Download Center of this website. After completing the application, send it to fumach@vip.163.com and make an appointment for the experiment.
2. You will receive a notice after the appointment is approved. After receiving the information, follow the requirements in the information to conduct the experiment in the experiment center.
3. After the experiment is finished, please log in to this website to download the “Experiment Feedback Information Form” within one week. After completing the completion, please send it to fumach@vip.163.com to complete the entire experiment process.
Note: The experiment is free of charge and the raw materials are provided by yourselves. The form needs to be true and accurate.