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Company profile

Development history

Development history

In June 2007, Hunan Fumach Foodstuff Eng & Tech Company Limited was established. In 80 square meter’s workshop in Red Mall it successfully developed and manufactured the first set of twin screw extruder. In the same year, it obtained the first order from Zhengzhou Jiuyi Food Company Limited.
In 2008, Fumach moved to Zhongling Cun,Kaifu District,Changsha and rented 800 square meter workshop in Zhongling to develop tableting machine, baking over and modulators. A grain flake production line contract was signed with Xu Fuji Food.
In 2009 Fumach purchased state-owned estate 40.7 mu and started construction in Shapin Industrial Base, Jiaxia Economic Development Zone.
In June 2010,the first stage of the factory was completed. The company moved into this new address. During this period the first extrusion experimental center was established and made to public.
1. In May 12 2011,Fumach developed and produced“co-rotating high torque twin screw food extruder research and the development”passed the state-level technical appraisal by appraisal committee led by chairman Mr. Sun Baoguo, Academician of China Academy of Engineering.
2. In July 20,2011, Frederic Goedecke, grain engineering dept director of Switzerland Nestle Corporation carried on the inspection to our company.
3. On July 28,2011, two customers from Venezuelan Sanchez visited our company.
4. In September 2011, FMHE92-24 nutrition rice, tissue protein production line project in Chongqing Haotian Food Company Ltd was completed.
5. In November 2011, FMHE50-24 fragrant crisp rice production line project in Beijing Shengshi Jiaqi Food Company Ltd was completed.
6. On December 8, 2011, Li Shujun, president of Asia Agricultural Engineering Academic Society, food mechanical branch director of China Food Science and Technology Academic Society, chief of Academy of Science of China Agricultural Mechanization, General Manager Xu Zhongxiang, deputy General Manager Zhao Youbin of China Packing and Food Mechanical Corporation visited and inspected Fumach Foodstuff Eng & Tech Co., Ltd located in Shapin Industrial Base, Jiaxia Develop Zone.
7. On December 10 afternoon, more than 130 expert professors participated in “The First Session Asia Food Equipment Forum”led by Chu Yufeng, secretary of China Food and Packing Machinery Association visited our company.
In 2012, Fumach completed the extrusion production line project entrusted by the Science research Academy of State Administration of Grain, Jiangnan University, Jilin Agricultural University, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wuhan University of Light Industry, and Central South University of Forestry and Technology. In the same year, it obtained the national "high-tech enterprise" certification.
In 2013, the automatic continuous bag type vacuum packaging machine was formally started and developed. 
In 2014, fully automatic continuous bag-type vacuum packaging machine was successfully commissioned and obtained a number of patents. Twin screw extrusion technology won the third prize for provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress.
In 2015, the FMVP60 automatic betel nut packing system produced by Fumach installed in  Xiaolongwang Food Co., Ltd.
The 2016 Fumach twin screw extruder vegetarian production line was exported to Europe, and the vegetarian products jointly developed with customers won Finland Food Award of the Year 2017.
In 2017, Fumach twin screw extruders were highly recognized on the European market, and three large-scale extrusion lines were exported at one time in the year.
In January 2018, Fumach established a complete production-type pilot production line (100KG/H), which can realize the pre-production processing for customers and reduce their investment risks.